Moving forward

Revising the Barefoot MBA at Stanford

After nearly nine rounds of revisions, we have completed the rural Thailand adaptation of the Barefoot MBA curriculum. We took what we learned in Thailand and, after a brief rest from our travels, completed the remaining lessons, added a few new lessons based on what the students wanted to learn, added an adaptation guide and scoured the document for errors. We have a short list of items to include in a future version, but we want to make a working copy of the document available to PDA, to other potential partners and to anyone else who’s interested. You can download a copy of the Barefoot MBA – Thailand or e-mail us to request one.

In addition, we have been meeting with potential partners who have expressed interest in adapting the Barefoot MBA elsewhere (the early list of potential locations includes Guatemala, Ethiopia and India). Scott likely will spend early 2008 adapting the Barefoot MBA in other parts of the world. He will continue to test the curriculum and adaptation guide, and we will add what he learns into a revision that we plan to release around April 2008. We intend to release all adapted versions so others may use them.

In the meantime, we’ve made a few other improvements. We now have our own website ( and a dedicated e-mail for your questions ( We also tapped our creative juices to produce a new logo, which appears atop this site and on the document.

If you would like more information about adapting the Barefoot MBA to your region, please contact us.

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