Going global

Schwab summit

RÜSCHLIKON, Switzerland, January 22 – The Barefoot MBA was well received at the Schwab Social Entrepreneurs’ Summit, especially by those entrenched in the field. Social entrepreneurs from around the world, especially but not exclusively in microfinance, were excited about a free, adaptable tool to teach business skills to anyone anywhere.  We arrived at the summit hoping to find additional partners to adapt and implement the Barefoot MBA; we left with a stack of business cards of people eager to help – and with appreciation for and inspiration by their work as well.

Katherine, Mechai and Scott in Switzerland

Among the more than 300 Schwab participants was Mechai Viravaidya, founder of the Population and Community Development Association in Thailand and our partner for the initial Barefoot MBA pilot last summer. Khun Mechai continues to be excited about the Barefoot MBA and already has incorporated it into many new programs.

We’re honored to be included in the Schwab summit and grateful for the opportunity to attend. We look forward to continued conversations with those we met in Switzerland about how they can use the Barefoot MBA and how we can learn from each other.

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