Amazing Progress

In Thailand, Katherine and I had to spend a significant amount of time thinking of local examples to fit each of the lessons and then finding local businesses that were similar.  While I expected to need to do a significant amount of research first, and then adapt the examples, and then translate the document, I’m quite surprised to return from my day to find two documents adapted and translated. The group of students and staff have done an amazing job of translating the documents and, with their knowledge of local business from the work they already do with these entrepreneurs, have also created two adaptations: one for tourist businesses (e.g., textiles and leather goods) and one for agricultural businesses.

I’ve been up late into the morning reading both documents and making some small changes to ensure consistency across all 4 adaptations we now have, but my excitement at the progress made today has kept me energized. It seems that tomorrows visits to small towns around the lake will be more for my own education than for purposes of adaptation. Instead of visiting and then adapting, I will be visiting some of the businesses already included as examples in the adaptations. My thanks to Maria Marta, Victor, and all the people at Universidad del Valle de Guatemala Altiplano who helped with this today. Again, amazing work.

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