Rhode Island implementation

We’ve worked with the Capital Good Fund, a non-profit microlender based in Providence, R.I., to adapt the Barefoot MBA for immigrants and other prospective borrowers. Capital Good’s five-session weekly workshop, taught in Spanish, teaches several of the Barefoot MBA’s lessons (e.g., saving, profit, marketing, cost-benefit analysis) and reinforces concepts with activities just as we did in Thailand. Capital Good’s adaptation incorporates green elements, consistent with its mission to “create a poverty-free, inclusive green economy through innovative microfinance.”

The workshops have been successful so far. Our partners at Capital Good Fund are at 14 participants and counting, and they continue to refine the workshops each week.

They write:

The first two workshops have been tremendous successes!  People have loved the simplicity of the lessons, and the activities that we came up with have really proved helpful to people. … Thanks so much–we are really thrilled with how this has been going!!

We’re thrilled too — and look forward to sharing continued success.

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