Partnership in Uganda

The Barefoot MBA is heading to Uganda. Dave, an Intel employee who worked on a computer training program for a different organization in Uganda, is heading back there to train teachers and mentors through Educate!. Educate! runs a two-year mentoring program for high school students to become socially responsible leaders.

Dave will use the Barefoot MBA to help students start projects that give back to the community, from starting a business to passing on skills to fellow classmates. We look forward to updates on his progress.

One thought on “Partnership in Uganda

  1. Hello Sir, its wonderful to see the contribution of yours towards Uganda, I am an MBA student and my first year project is on Uganda, Africa and since I was searching for it I got your article which is really appreciating, Makerere University Business School can you just help me out about this university this is the only information I got through this site if you have any such more info on this university please reply me on Thank You.

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