The sewing machine, repaid

Lisney, the dressmaker in Colombia whose Kiva loan we supported, just made her final payment.

In late 2015, we were part of the $400 Lisney borrowed to buy a sewing machine, a story that mirrored the hypothetical example we shared in the early days of the Barefoot MBA to demonstrate why it was important. Like the hypothetical seamstress in our example, Lisney wanted a sewing machine to make more clothes — and to gain access to the business world and to training for entrepreneurs. Ultimately Lisney wants not just a successful business but also to educate her daughters and buy a home.

In March 2016, Lisney started repaying her loan. Her repayments were consistent for the first few months but then tapered off and eventually stopped by the end of the year. She was in danger of default. This week, the rest of Lisney’s loan was repaid in full.

We are proud to be part of Lisney’s story and thrilled to bring to life a story that once existed only in our imaginations. Thank you, Lisney.

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