Reflections from an airplane window

As I leave Guatemala City early in the morning, I can’t help but think how much we accomplished in so little time. Truly, much of the credit goes to everyone at the University – they were the orchestra and I merely the conductor, perhaps even just the off-stage composer, in this symphony.

Guatemala City at night

The adaptation guide, I was told, was very helpful in determining what kinds of examples to include. Still, I learned quite a bit from the questions I was asked, and am making the appropriate updates. Our hope with the adaptation guide is that it will fully replace the need for my physical presence to complete an adaptation. In fact, seeing how quickly the group worked on Wednesday, we’re nearly there. While I love seeing parts of the world often not accessible, or desirable, to most tourists, I cannot physically be in two places at once (a rate-limiting factor to the eventual spread of the curriculum).

This is not to say our work is done, or that it will slow. My to-do list is still long, both for this trip and for the project as a whole. We have yet to put the finishing touches on the final documents before we post them (hopefully in the next few weeks). We need to refine what is now only an outline of metrics we hope to use to measure how the Barefoot MBA curriculum affects businesses, their success, and the decisions made by their owners. And finally the staff at UVG will need to implement the training programs. I have full confidence that they will continue to dedicate the resources necessary, to the best of their ability, to put the Barefoot MBA into action. And should they have questions, I am only an email away. And so it is that I leave Guatemala, appreciative of the generosity of my hosts at the University, amazed at how much we have accomplished in such little time, and hopeful for the success of the curriculum, and thus the participants who will live more successful lives.

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