Open source

A recent opinion piece in the Stanford Social Innovation Review echoes our philosophy on and approach to open-source solutions. It cites seven building blocks of open philanthropy, which are worth repeating here because they apply equally well to the Barefoot MBA:

  1. Facilitate adaptation; don’t hinder it
  2. Design for interoperability; local specificity will follow
  3. Build for the poorest
  4. Assume upward adaptability
  5. Creativity and control will happen locally
  6. Diversity is essential
  7. Complex problems require hybrid solutions

Eventually, we plan to create an open-source version of the Barefoot MBA to facilitate collaboration among a diverse group of users. In the meantime, we continue to share our work and encourage users to use this blog and its comments field to to share their ideas and adaptations.

One thought on “Open source

  1. such great insight! just returned from a trip to Jordan to one of the worlds poorest communities, Beduines in the Jordan/Palestine desert. your help is much needed, however I wonder how these people who live like 2000 years ago will ever get access to such wonderful tools? any ideas of distribution beyond internet?

    keep goin bernhard (MS `91, Stanford)

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